Federated Learning for Internet of Medical things : Concepts, Paradigms and Solutions

Bhattacharya Pronaya ed. Tanwar Sudeep ed. Verma Ashwin ed.

Federated Learning for Internet of Medical things : Concepts, Paradigms and Solutions - Boca Raton, Florida CRC Press 2023 - xv,291p.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Potentials of internet of medical things -- Artificial intelligence applications for IoMT -- Privacy and security in IoMT -- IoMT implementation : technological overview for healthcare systems -- A new method of 5G-based mobile computing for IoMT applications -- Trusted federated learning solutions for the IoMT -- Early prediction of prevalent diseases using IoMT -- Trusted federated learning for IoMT -- Solutions and challenges -- Security and privacy solutions for healthcare informatics -- Internet of things-based life saving device equipped with Ambu bag for Sars-Cov-2 patients -- Security and privacy in federated learning-based IoMT -- Use-cases and scenarios for federated learning adoption in IoMT -- Blockchain for IoMT.

"The book intends to present emerging Federated Learning (FL) based architectures, frameworks, and models in Internet-of-Medical Things (IoMT) applications. It intends to build up onto the basics of healthcare industry, the current data sharing requirements, and security and privacy issues in medical data sharing. Once IoMT is presented, the shift is towards the proposal of privacy-preservation in IoMT, and explains how FL presents a viable solution to these challenges. The claims are supported through lucid illustrations, tables, and examples that presents effective and secured FL schemes, simulations, and practical discussion on use-case scenarios in simple manner. The book tends to create opportunities of healthcare communities to build effective FL solutions around the presented themes, and the divergent ideas that prosper from reading the book. It also intends to present breakthroughs and foster innovation in FL-based research, specifically in IoMT domain. The emphasis is on understanding the contributions of IoMT in healthcare analytics and its aim is to give the insights including evolution, research directions, challenges and the way to empower healthcare services through federated learning. 1. Book is fully focussed on addressing the missing connection between federated learning and healthcare analytics. 2. The book is providing one-stop guide to students, researchers and Industry professionals. 3. Book is oriented towards the material and flow with regard to general introduction, technical aspects and easy to understand right from beginners to advanced healthcare researchers and professionals too. 4. Here, comprehensive elaboration of material is done and published with examples and diagrams followed by easy understandable approaches w.r.t. technical information. The book also intends to cover the issues of ethical and social issues around the recent advancements in the field of decentralized Artificial Intelligence. The book is mainly intended for undergraduates, post-graduates, researchers, and healthcare professionals who wish to learn FL-based solutions right from scratch, and build practical FL solutions in different IoMT verticals"--


Internet of Things
Machine Learning
Medical Informatics Applications
Computer Security

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